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Who we are

Well, hello there! You’ve stumbled upon the digital realm of Consider this our cozy corner of the internet. 



Drop a comment? Bravo! We keep a tiny record of the data you put in our comment form. Plus, we peek at your IP address and browser deets – not to be nosy, but to spot any spammy shenanigans.Now, ever heard of Gravatar? If you’re with them, we’ll take your email, turn it into a secret code (also called hash) and see if you’re using Gravatar. They’ve got their own privacy party going on here. And hey, once your comment’s approved, your smashing profile pic will be out there for all to admire!



If you’re thinking of uploading a pic, here’s a hot tip: skip adding any ‘where-was-this-taken’ details (EXIF GPS). Otherwise, any visitor can play detective and trace that data.



Leave a comment and we offer you a treat: a cookie. This little delight remembers your name, email, and website so you don’t have to retype it next time. And guess what? These cookies stay fresh for a whole year!

Pass by our login page and we drop a sneaky cookie to see if your browser is a cookie fan. This cookie is shy, though – it vanishes when you close your browser.

Login, and bam! More cookies! These remember stuff like your login info and how you like your display. If you tick “Remember Me”, we’ll remember you for two whole weeks (aren’t we sweet?). Logout, and poof! Those cookies disappear.

Oh, and if you’re feeling like an editor or author, we drop an extra cookie that remembers the ID of your latest masterpiece. It’s a 24-hour cookie – like Cinderella, but without the glass slipper.


Embedded content from other websites

Sometimes we spice things up with embedded goodies like videos, images, or articles from other sites. Interact with them, and it’s as if you’re visiting their place directly.

Beware! Some of these websites might get curious and collect some deets about you, whip up their own cookies, or even track your interaction.


Who we share your data with

Forgot your password? It happens to the best of us. Request a reset and your IP address hops along with that email.


How long we retain your data

Leave a comment and it’s here to stay – kind of like that catchy tune you can’t get out of your head. This is so we can nod at your follow-ups without putting them on hold.

Got an account on our website? Your details are safely tucked away. Peek, tweak, or delete them whenever (but usernames are forever – like diamonds or tattoos).


What rights you have over your data

Ever felt like taking a trip down memory lane? Ask, and you’ll get a lovely package of all the personal data we have about you. Feeling more like Marie Kondo? Tell us to toss out your personal details. But some stuff just has to stay, for grown-up reasons like admin, legalities, and keeping things safe.


Where your data is sent

Comments might get a quick scan by our automated spam-detecting butler.

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